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  It was and continues to be the happiest moments of my life for the past almost three years. This business became my Savior, my come back to people and the community. And, most of all, the Restoration of my Core Self-Values. I learned, when disaster strikes, we have to go to people and an unfamiliar territory to continue personal growth as a human being. It keeps our life happy and excited. I wake up every morning with a new pledge: “Integrity - first, Service - before self, Excellence - in all I do.” My business is new for me, for you and for my town. But I truly believe, that giving help to others and receiving whatever this world has to offer, is the only way to live my life. It’s important to remember, that our Life is either a daring adventure or nothing…I will be happy to share my sailboat “Sakura” with all of you, and count you into my New Family!

Alex's Sailing Dream. com

Twelve years ago I asked my Husband Alex: "How do you see our future life?" He drew me a very romantic picture of our Future Dream Life: we're on a pristine Sailboat, drinking champagne, soft music, whispering of waves… But we opened trucking company and worked like maniacs for ten years, seeing nothing but truck stops around America. Two and a halh years ago my Husband left this World…  And I decided to make that Dream Come True. It wasn't an easy journey, but finally, “Alex’s Sailing Dream, LLC”  invited first clients

on board of a sailboat “Sakura” for Romantic Cruises in May, 2016.